Education Korea


Exhibition Items


Exhibition Items

Conference & Seminar


 • EDUCON 2018 (World Education Conference 2018)

 • Educloud World Conference 2018 

 • 2017 Korea Excellent Facilities School Awards Ceremony and Presentation  

 • KISEE Scholarship Symposium 

 • Practitioner training about green architecture and energy saving plan
• ICEBREAKING Seminar for teachers
• Teachers' Busking Talk Show
• Seminar for Safety and Quality School Meals
• Seminar on Entrance Examination Strategy Consulting
• Academy Management Knowhow Seminar / Parent education seminar


Special Zone


   •  Special corner for Primary Education
•  New Product Showcase of Exhibitors
•  Special corner for Edutech Start-up
•  Case presenetation of Earthquake proofing method
•  Exhibition on the disaster safety content contest for schools
•  Case presentation of  BEMS
•  2017 Case presentation of Excellent Facility School
•  The 18th Case presentation of Education facility design contest



Educational Experience Program


   •  Mensa Mind Sports Olympiad(MMSO)

   •  2017-18 SpeedStacks World Championships Challenge

   •  Kubedu Korea 2018 

   •  Creative contents Experience Training

   •  Korean Institute for Experience & Education - Experience program

   • Public broadcasting of EBS radio

   •  EBS English Cooking Class

   •  Experience class of fire safety

   •  Experience event hall