Education Korea


Exhibition Overview


〮 Title : EDUTEC KOREA 2018


〮 Dates : 1. 24(Wed) ~ 26(Fri), 2018, 3days


Venue : HALL A,B - COEX Exhibition & Convention Center, Seoul, Korea


Hosted by : Korea Institute of Sustainable Design and Educational Environment
                       (KISEE), Exporum Inc.


〮 Supporter : Ministry of Education, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education, Incheon Metropolitan City Office of Education, Busan Metropolitan City Office of Education, Ulsan Metropolitan Office of Education, Chungchongbuk-do Office of Education, Kwang-ju Metropolitan City office of Education, Jeju Special Self-Governing Provincial Office of Education, Korean Educational Development Institute, Korean Federation of Teachers' Associations, Korean Associatoin of Secondary Education Principal, Korean Institute of Educational Facilities, Korea Association of Private School Foundations, The SMART Education Society, Korean Council for University College Education, Korea Federation of Science Education Societies, Korea Scientific Instruments Industry Cooperative, Education Facility Disaster Association, Association of Teachers for Computing, Korea Electronic Publishing Association, Korea Association of Boardgame Industry, Korea Safety Education Association, Korea Children and Adolescents Safety Education Association, Korea Lifelong Education Association, Korea Association of Creativity Education, Korea Institute for Education Certification, Govemment Computer Association, Korean Library Association, Korea Mathematical Instrument Association, The Korea Solar Energy Society, Korea Green Building Council, The  Korea Structral Engineers Association, Korea Institute of Registered Architects, Architectural Institute of Korea, Korean Society of Environmental Engineers, Korea Institute Healthcare Architecture, International Brain Education Association, FEST(Federation for Education of creative Science & Technology), Korea Counseling Education Association, Korea Lecturers' Association, Korean Association for Respected Parents & Respected Children Parent Education, Korea Industry Education Association, The Havruta Education Association, Korean Institute for Experience & Education, Havruta Parents Education Institute, World Sport Stacking Association Korea, Korea Authorized & Approved Textbook Associatoin, The Korea Institute of Building Construction, Korea Institute of Ecological Architecture and Environment

Exhibit Items  Technology, Contents, Equipment & Facility, Language, Skills

      •  Special corner for Primary Education
     •  New Product Showcase of Exhibitors
     •  Special corner for Edutech Start-up
     •  Case presenetation of Earthquake proofing method
     •  Exhibition on the disaster safety content contest for schools

     •  Case presentation of  BEMS
     •  2017 Case presentation of Excellent Facility School
     •  The 18th Case presentation of Education facility design contest


Conference & Seminar

  • EDUCON 2018 (World Education Conference 2018)
 • Educloud World Conference 2018 

  • 2017 Korea Excellent Facilities School Awards Ceremony and Presentation

  • KISEE Scholarship Symposium 

  • Practitioner training about green architecture and energy saving plan
 • ICEBREAKING Seminar for teachers
 • Teachers' Busking Talk Show

 Seminar for Safety and Quality School Meals
 • Seminar on Entrance Examination Strategy Consulting
 • Academy Management Knowhow Seminar / Parent education seminar


  • Mensa Mind Sports Olympiad(MMSO)
 • 2017-18 SpeedStacks World Championships Challenge
 • Kubedu Korea 2018 

 • Creative contents Experience Training
 • Korean Institute for Experience & Education - Experience program
 • Public broadcasting of EBS radio
 • EBS English Cooking Class
 • Experience class of fire safety

   • Experience event hall 


〮 Partners