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Concurrent events

  Academy Management Knowhow Seminar


- Date : 2018.01.25 (Thu) ~ 26(Fri)

- Venue: Seminar Room, Hall A

- Contents
  1. Target for CEO of Academy
      - Reduce the Charge, Have a 200% effect, Construct the academy management.
      - Certain Victory Strategy of The total student admission program, the answer is tactical reading.
      - The future of Education, Smart learning is Coming.

  2. Target for School pareent
      - The Fourth Industrial Revolution, the entrepreneurship education is future for children.
      - Know 'Brain', Improve 'Grades'.
      - Ready for
The total student admission program since fifth grade, the answer is tactical reading.

  Entrance Examination Strategy Consulting


- Date: 2018.01.24(Wed)

- Venue: Seminar Room, Hall A

- Contents

  1. Entrance Examination Strategy Presentation for College to shtudents and their parents.
      - Facts and figures about Entrance examination for Students.
      - Motivate the Students.
      - Case analysis for
Managing School Records, Letter of Self-Introduction and Interview Preparing.

  2. Macking elite schools Program Presentation.
      - Explanation and Consultation for each school Customizing Program.
      - Explanation for Letter of Self-Introduction and Special Lecture Program.
      - Offer Managing School Records, Letter of Self-Introduction, Curriculum Management and College Fair, 

  Safety and High quality School feeding Seminar

- Date: 2018.01.26(Fri), 13:00 ~ 15:40

- Venue: Seminar Room, Hall A

- Contents

  1. Introduce and present about Improvement countermeasure 
      on school feeding hygiene&safety Management and excellent case. 

- Time Table

Time Detail Note
13:00~13:30  Quality control of school food ingredients & Safety improvement measures Food Hygiene Safety Institute
Hyunsook Kim Manager
13:30~14:00  Way to diagnose food poisoning from school food efficiently with examples Korea Food Information Institute
Wong Kim Expert Adviser
14:00~14:30  GMO and alternatives for safe school food Wonkwang Univ. Law School
Prof. Eunjin Kim
14:30~14:40 Break Time  
14:40~15:10  Seeking measures to secure the safety of school kitchen The Korea Dietetic Association
Jiyoung Gwon Team Leader
15:10~15:40  How to make a good meal with seasonal ingredients Magok Middle School
Minsoo Seo nutrition teacher
15:40~ Tour exhibition hall  
*Program might change